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Cryptanalytic applications of Groebner bases

2018-15-01 at 3.00p.m., in via Comelico 39 Milan, auletta 6

Speaker: Dott.ssa Michela Ceria

Reference people: Andrea Visconti




Groebner bases are useful to solve polynomial equation systems, problem with many applications in different fields, such as, for example, Cryptography.

In this talk we will see which methods to compute Groebner bases are more efficient. In particular, we will focus on the definition of involutive division and we will give an introduction to involutive bases, a particular kind of Groebner basis, which has proved its efficiency in different practical applications.

We will deal with the concept of relative involutive division and we will see how to compute these divisions in a specific framework. We will conclude examining some potential research problems.

12 January 2018
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