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Gianni Degli Antoni Named Professor Emeritus

Giovanni Degli Antoni

The Ministry of Education, Universities and Research has awarded Prof. Giovanni Degli Antoni the title of "Professor Emeritus" with a decree dated 2012-10-05.

Dept. Chair Prof. Haus recalls:

Upon hearing the long-awaited news of Giovanni Degli Antoni being awarded the title of professor emeritus by the Ministry of Education, Universitiesand Research, a recognition not automatically granted in Italy, I wassuddenly transported back to the time when, as a student, I asked Giannito be my thesis advisor.Gianni was the one who, for so many years, worked tirelessly - andsuccessfully - to make us interesting to and interested in organizations,manufacturers, and the job market. It was Gianni who found the financingto water our growth, and Gianni, again, who knew how to transform anintuition into a department. Gianni was the one who could listen with anopen mind to proposals (in my case for music informatics)... and the listgoes on and on, but I don't want to sound boring.

THANK YOU, GIANNI! We have known of your merits for some time but now it has been madeofficial.


Goffredo Haus - Chair Computer Science Department


05 November 2012
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