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The Metapiano and the Instant Interpretation of Musical Score

The metapiano is made of only nine piano keys. It can be played with a few fingers, or even with one finger. As its name stresses, the metapiano goes beyond traditional instruments, because it stores the notes to be performed by the musician.

04 April 2013
Prospective students' Days

Prospective students' Days

Il 14 e 15 febbraio 2013 dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 13:00 la sede di Crema ospiterà le Giornate di orientamento universitario organizzate dall'OrientaGiovani di Crema.

14 February 2013
External department of computer science Milan

Side Channel Attacks on AES

After an overview of AES algorithm and its software implementations, we will present cryptographic side channel attacks: what they are, the theory behind and the required tools.

22 January 2013
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Data analysis, motion analysis and rehabilitation

IRCCS hospitals mix healthcare and scientific research. Since 1976 a group of engineers and technicians was set in order to contribute to the improvement of healthcare and rehabilitative treatments.

10 January 2013
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