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External department of computer science Milan

The Computer Science Department conducts research and has an array of teaching programs in the field of informatics and in related and interdisciplinary studies. It was founded on April 27, 2012 and is known as "Dipartimento di Informatica" in Italian.

Research Areas
The Computer Science Department's research activities cover an exceptionally broad range of basic and applied research, not only in informatics but also in related fields and in interdisciplinary initiatives. These activities are carried out primarily as part of Italian and international research projects in the department's approximately 40 research laboratories.

Technology Transfer
Transferring innovative knowledge and technology to enterprise, to the public sector, and to non-government agencies has always been part of training and research in the field of informatics. Joint projects, patents, spinoffs (three, of which one is active), and the training of personnel for scientific or technology jobs have served as the primary vehicles for such transfer.

Curricular Offerings
Curricular offerings are organized into 6 degree programs, four three-year
degrees and teo second-level degrees.

Three-year degree programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer science for new media communication
  • Computer Science for music
  • Computer systems and networks security

Second-level degree programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity

The department also contributes to the teaching of informatics subjects in several other degree programs, in both the sciences and the humanities, at the Università degli Studi di Milano.

The Computer Science Department has some 200 members overall, including its faculty (approximately 17 full professors, approximately 27 associate professors, approximately 40 assistant professors), technical and administrative staff (approximately 40), doctoral students, research scholars, and its many adjunct professors.

Departmental Facilities
Via Comelico, 39 – Milan – department headquarters, teaching and research facility
(about 7,000 square meters)
Via Bramante, 65 – Crema – teaching and research facility (about 8,000 square
Via Celoria, 20 – Milan – teaching and research facility (about 500 square meters)

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