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BiSP Lab - Biomedical Image and Signal Processing Lab  

BiSP Lab - Biomedical Image and Signal Processing Lab


The main focus of the lab is the analysis of biomedical signals, images and time series (i.e. ECG, EEG, endocavitary, pletismographic, cardiotocographic, neuronal, movement/position signals, MRI and fMRI).The objectives of the research activities are: to develop algorithms and diagnostic or prognostic metrics to be employed in medical devices; to cooperate from a computer science or engineering standpoint to the medical and physiological research. The laboratory has also relevant experience in the fields of biometrics and assistive technologies.

Scientific responsible

Roberto Sassi


Via Bramante 65 - 26013 Crema



+39 2 503 30049


Structured Members:

Rita Pizzi

Roberto Sassi

Nello Scarabottolo


Unstructured members

Massimo Walter Rivolta, assegnista

Tewodros Mulugeta Dagnew, dottorando

Marialessia Musumeci, dottoranda

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